St-Johns Wort Plant Collecting and Dye Bath

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Yellow Flowers of St. John’s Wort are found along grass verges. I discovered them along the Tarka Cycle Trail on embankment which borders the River Torridge, North of Bideford.

Collecting Dye Plants Along The Tarka Trail, an old rail track Barnstaple to Bideford was my 10 mile route for foraging; using Jenny Dean’s plant spotter book.  Late summer finds many of the traditional dye plants along grass verges, especially in areas untouched for ages.”

Processing for dye bath

  • Soak flower tops overnight in rain water. I use pond water.
  • Boil up and simmer for an hour
  • When cool enough not to roughen silk, soak silk, stirring occasionally.
  • Leave overnight to absorb dye colour
  • Dye a second piece of silk using up remainder of dye
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