Product Introduction






Patchwork dresses in patchworks of mostly linen, cotton, viscose, lace. Knee length and longer.

Aldebaran dress sample

Kimono styled sleeves and adjustable front lace-up.

Adjustable 32-37 inch bust size.

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The author dyes Ahimsa silk remnants acquired from a fashion maker, with plant leaf, seed and root dye stuffs.  These pieces are painted over with designs to coordinate with the fabrics used in the patchwork garment.  More info here.  See blog Side Bar navigation Author's Plant Dye Processes for the many dye processes experimented with so far for example with walnuts.

Below images are from Flora Arbuthnot's Bundle Dye Workshop

Patchworks are somewhat like an area of mixed flowers.  Asters and seed heads at Eden Project  quarry garden in September.  More floral photographs are on author's photography site Floral Galleries Resonant Visions

High resolution photographs printed up to 55 inches for wall art will become available to purchase later in 2021 on author's Resonant Visions photography site.