Purple Shimmers Robe Dress

Kimono Dress

This design is the first of two similar so far; utilising waist deep kimono type sleeves with turn-backs, fitted onto narrow bodice top front and back, high waist gathered under bustline, with adjustable sized lace up front 36-40 inch bust, and elongated collar.  Patchworks are vari-rectangular, according to material available. Front facing extended from lace up back facing is stitched down in skirt but could be split as it is in shorter styled Aldebaran.

Treasure Trove Purple Range

Purple taffeta – Navy viscose spot print – Purple silk – Purple polyester lace –  – Navy viscose floral print – Purple linen – Black viscose lilac fleur print

Cutting Collar and front facings from linen dress

Cutting sleeve out from blouse for flat shapes

Cutting dart seam out from blouse

Cutting rectangular patches from best print parts

Cutting collar and front buttoning from blouse

Collar and front facing for another project

Shamanic Nights background image