Ancient Craft of Plant Dyes

Home Plant Dyeing Procedures

After attending two one-day courses in plant dyeing, I was inspired to collect my own plants from verges along walks, and start dyeing backgrounds ready for silk painted panels in my bespoke garment making.  Although I’ve also bought powder dyes; so far I have used only plants I have collected, including home grown woad. All give good cream, beige and golds of differing tones; perfect for painting colours over.

At first the idea of using bought powdered plant dyes was fascinating enough, but so far I have preferred to go with the natural solution of finding plants myself, having discovered the wondrous golds obtained – then use the over painting alone to provide colours to match with patchworks.  Gold colours harmonise with all other colours.

The next step will be making silk dyes for painting and batik with the bought powders rather than using chemical dyes.  We have been conditioned to, and spoilt by the brightly coloured synthetic dyes, which cause river pollution in India. (link to river showing which dye is being used that week).

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