Aldebaran Lace Up Short Dress

Aldebaran - a name inspired by the red roses and star-like flowers on black prints, just as galaxies and stars look like in deep space.

Aldebaran the fiery eye appearing red in a V-shaped star grouping that forms the face of the Bull.   An ageing and huge star with computed diameter between 35 and 40 solar diameters.

Dress Feature – Rouleaux Lace Up

Lace up ties in self fabric are used to make the dress fit well, to add shape under bust and waist according to individual fitting needs.  Collar in spacey tie dye print is extended down front of dress both sides, to give a faux kimono look.  Black and pink facing behind lace up is separate on both sides to allow for dress to be left open. Style gives fitted back bodice with gathered below.

Front right sleeve joined to front bodice - Click for details

Aldebaran Dress


Patches cut the same sizes of coordinated colours and prints

Sleeve shapes made from patches: Center line is shoulder line

Patches machined to lining sleeve shapes. Shoulder line is centre horizontally.

Sleeves with satin lining: patches are machined down onto lining

Sleeve patches machined to satin lining

Bodice front pieces: machined to lining

Sleeve with bodice front pieces. Joining sleeve edge seam can be shaped more rounded for fuller bust.

Back bodice piece: pinned to lining.

Bodice back laid onto lining with sleeves folded at sides.


Dressmaking instructions
Side insets cut ready to insert into black lining side slits

Side flare machined to lining slits: zigzag flat stitch upper seam of flare pieces

Dressmaking instructions
Side flare with zigzagged machining to edges and to lining, as flat as possible.

Dressmaking instructions
Left side flare machined in; right side flare ready to insert

Dressmaking instructions
Pinning patches to lining, to ensure edge to edge of lining is same size

Dressmaking instructions
Pinning patchwork made fabric onto lining to get exact lining size right. Bodice front to left sideways on.

Dressmaking instructions
Left side inset. Completed machined patches around side slit 'handkerchief' inset.

Dressmaking instructions
Dress back with right side 'handkerchief' inset.

Dressmaking instructions
Pink front under facings to be turned over beneath extended collar.

Dressmaking instructions
Finished lower left dress side; left side insert. Pink facings with lace ups enclosed underneath extended tie-dyed collar fabric.

Dressmaking instructions
Folded front facing black lace/pink satin; with rouleaux loops, all encased underneath extended tie-dyed collar fabric.

Dressmaking instructions
Front facings black lace/pink satin; folded over underneath extended tie-dyed collar.

Two cut collar pieces joined at centre slight curve

Two collar sides joined. Press open seam before folding over to press both flat.

Two collar sides machined together, pressed befoe attaching to dress neck and front

Neckline with outer collar side pinned on inside around neckline

Two collar sides are machined on outer edge. Outer collar pinned to back neck dress for machining

Collar completed, satin under collar, pressed front edge, pinning under collar to back neck dress

Satin under collar pinned all along back neck and front shoulder downwards

Upper collar and under collar satin, pinned to back neck of dress and over shoulders down front

Pinning and hand stitching under collar

Hand sewing under collar