Aldebaran Lace Up Short Dress

Aldebaran  The giant reddish star - a name inspired by the red and star-like flower prints on black, as deep space.  The abstract ocre and lilac collar fabric also has a deep space connotation.

The fiery eye of the Bull in the constellation Taurus – is an ageing and huge star!  Part of a V-shaped star grouping that forms the face of the Bull. The computed diameter is between 35 and 40 solar diameters.

Dress Feature – Rouleaux Lace Up

Collar is extended down front of dress both sides, to give a faux kimono look.  Facing behind lace up is separate on both sides, to allow for garment to be left open. Lace up ties in self fabric are used to make the dress fit well, to shape around bust and waist differently according to individual needs.