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03 Jun

Tropical Parrots Shirt Dress

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Tropical Parrots front view buttoned with black and scarlet floral print viscose lining

Olive/black tropical leaves with bright parrots, and cream based passion flower with butterflies.

Two viscose summer dresses were used in the making, fabrics being chosen for 'tropical' theme and colour balance.  Over all, viscose outside and inside gives a well hanging garment.  Collar was taken form a shirt-blouse, with rounded lapels added in pink tropical floral cotton. Additional salmon pink cotton patches at back.


SIZE:  Extra Large loose size XXX up to 44" chest. (modelled dummy bust 38, so 40" is optimum fit) 

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22 May

Lilies Patchwork Short Summer Jacket

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Beige and Mint Green Patchwork Jacket

Jacket was commissioned by 99yr old Beth, who likes something different. Having lived in China amongst textile crafts, the average high street shop doesn’t attract her.

Clothes I make are well received by women who want something unique and original, rather than from high street chain stores; also for women who appreciate the craft of creative patchwork, resulting in the creation of a new fabric.

I chose the fabrics myself for the jacket, having met Beth just once. The item was to be for a wedding, so I wanted it to be light and classic, but to still have some interesting elements. The first fabric I found was the beige skirt with eau de nil applique feature of lilies. I decided this was perfect for the jacket theme.

Fabrics I used were linen and linen-mix skirts from charity shops. Quite a lot of fabric is needed for patchworks; its best to have at least 5 different ones.

When I cut the patches out and laid out together, I decided there needed to be a highlight colour to accent over and above the all-beige overall look.  I rushed to the shops, and was lucky to see the pale green and pale blue devore skirt with floral print in shiny synthetic satin in the first charity shop I looked in; it seemed a tad shockingly bling, but knew once it was in isolated patches, it would merely enhance the overall arrangement. As soon as I added in the new patches, I knew I would work.

For this jacket, I chose skirts with embroidery so I could use the embroidered areas for patches.

From two embroidered skirts there was enough embroidered area, to give some decoration on every patch in the jacket. I had seen Beth had some embroidered clothes and so guessed she would like it.

The lining was a bonus find, another skirt, viscose type, having just the right colours of taupe background with eau de nil green in the woven roses, which ideally complimented the classic beige, cream and light green of all the patches.

Cost of fabrics was £42 plus £5 for a synthetic jacket which I just had to get, as it had the shell buttons in shiny light beige with a hint of green, perfectly matching the jacket colours. A touch of shine for a jacket to be worn at a wedding I thought.

Due to the centre pattern piece of paper pattern being placed on the bias of the cloth grain/weave, the square patches become diamonds.

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