Greensleeves Jacket

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GREENSLEEVES patchwork jacket back
Green and jade velvet devore print was the first inspiration.  Leopard polyester print in light green/jade and black adds extra interest.  Centre top back has green/black abstract cotton floral pattern print.  Pale green viscose print is highlight.  A grey devore voile adds a subtle touch and forms a frill embellishment bordering around the black neckline and front edge of lining blouse, (which is dull cream with green/pink/black floral print).Blouse lining shape was followed exactly, including the curved dip at the back and existing black sleeve cuffs.  One button with a loop to hold is above waist under bust line.Suitable 36-38 inch bust. (max 40). 36 inches around at closed button position.
Finished jacket front, sleeves done, front loop and button.
  • MAKING 1. Fitting to lining
  • Making 2. Lower Patches
  • Making 3. Decorative Frill

Blouse used as lining to fix patches to.

Pinned fabric to lining top back to make shoulder joins first. Machine shoulder seams, press, then pin again around armhole seams.

Dummy helps to guide fabric across body shape at neck and shoulder.

Centre patch joined to side patches. Pin side patches to sleeve armhole seam.

Front top patch pinned to front edge, following armhole curve to centre under sleeve.

Pinning lower left back patches onto lining, extended down from shoulder patches.

Lower right side patches extended.

It can be helpful to tack patches over each other (laid flat) if not experienced enough to machine directly with only pins. I always tack slippery fabrics like the poly-voile and thin devore.

Encasing front frill under patches edge at black welt.

Pin front patch over frill edge, which will be turned back over after sewing.

Front 'faux' collar frills in two fabrics.

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