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Dress front detail, fabric print butterflies, passion flowers, parrots.Parrot dress with left side parrot prints pink patches and frill.Tropical parrots right back side view with butterflies on sleevesBack view dress parrot print on olive viscoseFull front view of Tropical Parrots dress with open collar and front buttonsTropical Parrots dress jacket front in bright sunlightReverse dress, inside lining black polyester-viscose scarlet poppy print.Pinning inside red linen to hemReverse side, inside neck facing print hand stitched.

Loose Summer Shirt Style Dress or Jacket in Viscose Prints

Olive/black tropical leaves with bright parrots, and cream based floral with butterflies.

Two viscose summer dresses were used in the making, fabrics being chosen for ‘tropical’ theme and colour balance.  Over all, viscose outside and inside gives a well hanging garment.  Under shirt had buttons removed to stitch on reverse side of button facing incorporating existing button holes.   Collar was taken form a shirt-blouse, with rounded lapels added in pink tropical floral cotton. Additionally pink cotton skirt and some hem patches of pink flowers on cotton.

Gallery includes making stages notations.

Extra Large loose size XXX up to 44″ chest. (modelled dummy bust 38, so 40″ would still fit well)  Lined with recycled blouse black and scarlet poppies.

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