‘Red Hopi Dance’ silk painted panels in red linen and black viscose ‘vogue pattern’ long dress

HOPI DANCE. Back view. Cream cotton, black spotted viscose panels. Dress tapers to ankles.
(attach back view)!
‘Red HOPI DANCE’ seated.

Red linen upper body pieces were all cut from a skirt, which already had the shapes seams with stitched decoration on.  Its quite a nice effect which could be added to any linens as top stitch.

Silk Painted Inspiration – Hopi Designs on Pots

My inspiration for the designs on silk were taken from patterned images on Native American pottery. The bird designs had been painted around the pots, making the design full circular; I kept many attributes of the circular designs when putting into 2D.  Colours combine in this case, to compliment the dress colours.


Silk painted panels: Close up of white and black background silk panels of  ‘Hopi Bird’ design by Amelia, maker of Shamanic Nights clothes.


‘Red HOPI DANCE’  with hip ties design which adjusts fabric width tighter or looser; wider at hips for fuller sizes, tie back tighter for slimmer sizes.  (Black sleeves are model’s own top) Pattern shape suits ‘pear shapes’.

Back view of Red Hopi dress

This pattern is exactly the vogue pattern, only it stands out by using contrasting fabric colours. Alternatively, a darker central back panel would look good on fuller figures.  Pattern has very short sleeves, but chiffon long sleeves could be added: to give same effect as model’s own underneath top.

I have the VOGUE pattern in size variations to make in a different colour-way.  The Pattern was for stretch knits and so cuts too small.  I had to add 1.5 inch side inserts under the arms and sleeves to give better fit for 34-36 inch bust, (due to non-stretch fabric I used).  A larger size is needed.  People who have tried this dress on feel very comfortable in it. 

To buy ‘Red Hopi Dance‘ dress, please contact or  Price is now £175.00

See ETSY shop (due update June 2020)

Modelled by Airbnb teacher guest from Spain

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