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“The reddish star Aldebaran – the fiery eye of the Bull in the constellation Taurus – is an ageing star and a huge star! The computed diameter is between 35 and 40 solar diameters.”

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Orange and red flowers in patchwork fabrics; combined with the motley space print, and black ‘deep space’ backgrounds, inspired the name Aldebaran.


Side view showing ‘handkerchief’ insets, which help form an ‘A’-line body fit.  See ‘making’.

Front lacings allow individual body-fit; adjustable to bust size 36-42 inch.  Lacing can be removed completely and front left opened.
The reds, rust, and star-like lighter flowers on black inspires deep space, with the grand star of Aldebaran.


MAKING:  Patches are cut in equal sizes: (18cm here) then pinned to lining shapes of all pattern pieces.  Adjust shapes of patches as garment shape needs.  (First define and cut garment shape pattern pieces with lining, which is easier than adding lining afterwards!).  Here, a peachy shiny satin blouse was used for sleeve lining and standard black lining cut from dresses is used for the main body.

The bodice front and back and sleeves are joined by ‘princess-line’ seam which goes from front high-waist up and over shoulder to back high-waist.  Skirt is made separately then joined to the bodice and sleeves. This allows for skirt section to be cut either slimline, or wider, enough to cover larger hip sizes, by patchwork tapering to top, or slight gathering or pleats at high waist line.

In Aldebaran, patched skirt section has narrowed patches towards top where meets upper bodice: i.e, start with wide enough whole skirt width to cover hip size, then taper patches upwards to high waistline seams.

Aldebaran bat sleeves showing 2 rows of patchwork with luxurious printed heavy satin lining.  Note, shoulder patches are tapered, to slope towards lower sleeve.  Front bodice and back bodice to be sewn to sleeve edges.

Right sides to be sewn together at mid back seam joins: two processes, machine patch-worked pieces at center joins, machine lining pieces at center joins.

Tapering of patches as pinned, can be seen in images above and, machined below.  At this stage, accurate fit is obtained by measuring bodice waist to ensure skirt pieces correspond.  A further flare is achieved by inserted handkerchief flare.

Handkerchief Insets

Lining at side position is slit to enclose insert, or use existing side seam in skirt alterations.

Aldebaran Kimono Dress’  is available to buy on ETSY Shop

I have a good stock of ‘roses’ prints: or to commission a new one with your own favourite fabrics, please email Amelia with measurements.  An e-pattern is being considered being made available for this design.


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