Flora’s Plant dye foraging workshop

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Flora weighing out madder for dye bath

Flora took us out foraging for dye plants, which we brought back to her workshop to make dye baths with.

Alder, Oak Galls and nettle.

Also some ready made dried dyes: Madder.

Alder cones, leaves and twigs dye bath

Oak galls surprisingly made a good brown; a pleasant coffee shade like a dark camel, which would go with other colours.

I have yet to try this on silk (with my collected oak galls)

Oak galls with fabric folded and clamped to create a resist where dye does not penetrate.
Nettle Dyed lace and Alder dyed linen and cotton/lace.

A pre process mordant (to soak fabric in) is soya milk, which the centre yellow linen was soaked in.  Its a little too bright for my taste so I would use without mordant.

Madder with resist clamping

Madder Dye:  Results

Left: Ahimsa silk, folded in triangles along folded strips, to create 'resist' non-dyed areas. Right: Habotai silk scrunched and rubber band tied, to create abstract, cosmic or marbled effect.

The 'cosmic' technique of scrunching and tying with a rubber band is to be explored. By using sequential dying in different dye baths, an interesting over-dye effect could be achieved.

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