Cherry Fluzzies Dresses

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Two similar patchwork dresses inspired by using two halves of a pink acrylic wool scarf with stretchy structure for muliti-bust fit.  

Woolly top:  Cerise pink acrylic scarf (cut in two for 2 dresses)

Edges are folded over twice and sewn down by hand with with pink thread or pink wool. Large buttons utilise holes already in the acrylic wool. It is necessary to stretch the destined ‘hole’ and use a few stitches to secure ‘open’ top and bottom, so it identifies easily as the buttonhole.

Skirt Patches:  Burgundy lace, Roses print on thick black polyester, purple/black design on taffeta, pink/purple two-toned silk.

Cherry Fluzzie B

Short version with fuller skirt, narrow black shoulder straps, large pink buttons and multi toned silk hem frill.

Making Garment:

Patch pieces joined into a semi circle. Outer sides will become front.

Different length patches were used due to material shortage.

By cutting patch shapes into A shapes, with straight top
and bottom edges, they build up into a semi circle.
Patchworks machined back full joined.png
Patchwork semi-circle folded in two, back view.
When top curve becomes the waistline, gathered in, or pleated
good folds hang in skirt.  Make 'A' shaped patches
until required size is reached. This section is wider
than needed to gather onto stretch woollen top.
Use any jumper for top. For normal waist size, top curve
would be half your waist measurement (if fitted tight would
need a zip) or have a high waist fitted under bust, with 
front buttons over bust.
Bottom frill pinned to dress hem, before zig-zagging on.
 Frill hem will also be zig-zagged.

Frill hem pinned, tack gathered, prior to zig-zagging.

Cherry Fluzzie A

Longer below knee A-line version, has 1.5inch shoulder straps and black wooden engraved buttons

Making garment:

Leggings cut into 8 patches, use 4 or 8 per dress.
(2 short upper, 2 longer lower in skirt section).
Thigh shapes, turned upside down make good patches to
use as templates which when added to create a flared

Front side patchworks pinned to check colour placements.
Silk fabric behind crimson lace patches.

Inside seams:  Join short patches to long patches
forming strips. Press seams up or down alternately
to reduce bulk at seam crossroads. Pin vertical patch
strips.  Machine, and likewise press alternate sides
to avoid bulk on all corners.

Patchworks machined - skirt section.

Joining patchwork skirt to stretch wool top using
large hand stitches: cross-stitch done as back-stitch.
See 'Love Never Dies' patchwork dress for more
accurate close up instructions of stretch stitch.


Christmas type dresses with cozy warm tops.

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