Butterflies and Pansies Silk Dress

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Patchwork Silk Tea-Party Dress

Pink and plum patches in silk and taffeta with pink silk top from a blouse was the starting inspiration: top bias cut across the weave grain, so stretches across bust without other shaping.  Taffeta changes from purple to plum in light.

Armholes extended with brown print taken from another dress (see Making), but this may be changed.

Sleeves were an added after thought from fine bundle-dyed silk sample.  Sash also to attach.

[Front panel hand painted silk currently changing to include pink lace overlaid on green areas]. [photo links to add]


Silk painted panel background was the right colour of dull lilac and cream from logwood batik dye; (2nd session). See also below SILK PAINTED PANEL process.

Pansies were taken from the cotton patchworks, with added embroidery outline details.   Panel is in process of having dusky pink lace appliqued over all corners of green 'palm' painting for better colour match and more cohesive design overall.  [new photos to be posted]

NOTE: Avoid using colours in wrong proportion, although in pansy print, green is too different to dress scheme.  Applique can be used over silk paintings as decoration or to cover any undesired imagery.

Making Garment

Choosing fabrics to go with the logwood lilac dyed batik Ahimsa silk

Partial painting butterflies and nigella seed pod motifs

Pansy print used to copy pansy colour ideas from

Purple, plum, and pansy print coordinates

 Silk painting with coordinate fabrics

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