Bundle Dyeing Seeds and Flowers Workshop

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Silk after steaming, containing layers of seeds and petals, folded in triangles then bundled.
Petals and seeds on silk

A simple procedure one can do at home; of spreading dye giving seeds and petals on silk (sprayed with vinegar).  Fold pieces, then tie into bundle with string. Most petals will produce colour.


Keep seeds and petals in jars, ready for distributing.  Some seeds like Hopi Sunflower have strong dye power, like deep purple.

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Strong pinks after unwrapping bundle
Pastel results
Hopi sunflower seeds and petals thick silk
Thin Silk drying after steaming

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Plant dye workshop was run by Flora Arbuthnott at Forde Abbey Garden Festival 2017.  Details of flora's work and workshops below:-

Natural dyeing, bundle dyeing, organic indigo dyeing, japanese shibori resist techniques, natural mordants, colour foraging Walks. http://wilddyegarden.co.uk/

Magazine feature http://www.floraarbuthnott.com/country-homes-interiors

Flora's 'Wild Dye Garden' on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wilddyegarden/

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